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Is there any hidden agenda behind this untimely Arundhati Roy persecution?

When Paresh Rawal made his presence felt by tweeting his anger on a complete farce of a news, no wonder he made a fool out of himself. The quintessential queen of India's human rights activism author Arundhati Roy was again in the news, not just in India but across the border as well. 

Actor and now BJP MP Paresh Rawal was so disgusted with her that he suggested to Indian Army to tie Ms Roy next time they require a human shield. And after that, as expected our media started making reports out of it and writing blogs of all kind. 

How convenient it is to sit in your newsroom and make news out of a social media site. But let's not get out of the newsrooms otherwise we'll have to face some 50000 odd people sitting at Jantar-Mantar with some real life problems. 

But then again Ms Roy is not just another activist-writer. And Mr Rawal is also not just another actor. So how to explain this other than blaming the greatest dilemma Mr Rawal face which is "how to not be just another BJP MP?" Obviously, you have got to incite anger in people in the name of nationalism while stooping to lowest of the low levels. 

But, can there be any other angle to the story? Something Ram_Madhavesque? 

Irony of India

Online trolling is not something we are unaware of. And we all know how powerful BJP's IT cells are when it comes to attacking certain personalities or defending their party's ideology. The catch is to be as abusive as possible but of course in the name of Nationalism. From time to time, we have all seen crazy tweets coming out of many celebrities who fall prey to these social media cell propagandas.

But this case seems a bit different as Arundhati is miles away from twitter and in recent times, keeping the electronic media at arm's length. So why did this fake news regarding her Interview with a Pakistani site get so much attention and effort on the part of the trolls at this point of time?  

Does this have any connection with her upcoming book named- 'the ministry of utmost happiness'? 

Hindustan Times

Ms Roy's second novel is just around the corner. Nearly 20 years after her first 'The God Of Small Things' won her the Man booker prize. With the novel, all set to make its debut in June this year looks like the troll army has also started working on its strategies. 

"To meet the product of an artist headlong is to hurt him/her the most"  Seems like BJP's troll army's motto. As if deliberate bad ratings on Amazon and Flipkart weren't enough this time they have come up with some ingenious model of prosecution based on fake pieces of evidence. 

While we wait for June to come up early to get our hands on Ms Roy's latest book, we stand witness to more and more celebrities falling prey to the propaganda spread by BJP's IT cells.

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Is there any hidden agenda behind this untimely Arundhati Roy persecution?

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