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The ugly truth: Crime against Women


This is the 21st century. The world is sprouting new inventions every day; the range of human discoveries is growing by the minute. Even so, are we falling short on some basic standards? Are we, consciously or unconsciously making an issue bad to worse day by day? I think the answer to that is a loud yes! We are humans and our society constitutes of two section; male and female. It is common knowledge that to reach lasting progress we need to take the whole of the society forward; this basic knowledge is floundering in the matter of women's equal rights. Where I come from, that is India one of the biggest democracies in the world the picture of women's rights is bleak, to say the least.

Famous economist and Nobel prize winner Amartya Sen wrote in his work ‘The Many Faces of Gender Inequality’ that “gender inequality is not one homogeneous phenomenon, but a collection of disparate and inter-linked problems.” Every day this observation seems truer. The situation in different states is more or less similarly violent and atrocious. According to the records of National Crime Records Bureau, the most prominent states of India such as- Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra crime against women is recorded to 32546, 29826, 7475, 24895 respectively in the calendar-year of 2013. Police inactivity is rampant and cases, where the police refused to file even the FIR, are common knowledge now. India is witnessing probably the worst phase, in terms of women's rights and its violation.

Every dire situation has some specific reasons. Nothing comes out of the blue. The basic reasons for this lapse in the system are political. India is notorious for its corruption levels but that is not the end of it. Every economy has a central ruling and rulers in the basis of states; here the state government holds the decision-making ability of 45% of the total, an absurd amount of any regional power. This not only makes decision making or bringing in lawsuits more troublesome but also makes it a problem for a majority decision. It leads to a weak law system and thus the lack of fear among people. Another serious issue for faulty politics in our country is that politicians are chosen on a hereditary basis and not by efficiency, this leads to slack in enthusiasm and zeal for work. Most politicians in the country are overly satisfied to do their jobs hand on. All of this boils down to police inactivity which is only normal without right political pressure and guidance.

In an atmosphere of complete disregard for the law, every other person has become a moral police. There are numerous cases of gang exploitation of women in villages for apparently breaking the law by having an extramarital affair or having a relationship with a guy from a lower caste. The inequality has become so ingrained that according to a survey by UNICEF 52% of the adolescent girls and 57% of the adolescent boys thinks it is perfectly normal for a husband to beat his wife. Rape cases are ever escalating reaching a stout 9.2%. In the past three decades, 12 million female foeticides have taken place. In an online article, a website posted their alliance with two well-known female singers to air a three-minute slam culture video speaking against the rape culture in India.

Numerous feminists and social activists are trying to make this issue heard by the right people because if we are to progress there is no other lasting way to do so without empowering the whole of society as one, be it man, woman or child.

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The ugly truth: Crime against Women

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