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The wonderful world of Indian Comics

When it comes to Indian comics and desi superheroes the awesomeness increases many folds.

Comics, the mere sight of this word rings nostalgic bells in our hearts.We all have grown up with them, carried them to our beds and of course, we all have hidden them in our school bags(well some of us did). We all encountered our first superheroes through these mesmerizing books. Be it in the form of Superman or batman or spiderman or phantom etc. But when it comes to Indian comics and desi superheroes the awesomeness increases many folds. I pity you if your childhood was devoid of the names like Chacha Chaudhary, Billu, Nagaraj, Dhruv, Doga, Bankelal, and much more.

But as I’m writing this article for satiating my own nostalgia; as well as, to introduce you (if you aren’t already familiar) to the alluring world of Hindi comics; and in particular, to the desi superheroes.  I’ll try to turn you into a prospective reader of Hindi comics; and you know as they say it’s never too late to start anything 😉 .

  1. 1


    Undoubtedly the most loved superhero of Hindi comics, Nagraj as the name suggests is the king of snakes. Though he has transformed quite a lot since his inception in the early 80s his superpowers and the universe remain the same. Nagraj lives as Raj in a fictional Metropolitan City Mahanagar as an employee of a TV channel that he owns secretly. With the abilities like Agelessness, superhuman strength, sixth sense, Infrared sensing, martial art, snake-pit, poison-bite, shape-shifting etc he saves the day in Mahanagar.
  2. 2

    Super Commando Dhruva

    Often dubbed as the 'Batman' of Hindi comics Dhruva doesn't possess any superpowers; but he makes up for that with his intellect, detective skills, ability to talk to almost every kind of animals, scientific knowledge, martial art and acrobatic skills, an unparalleled willpower and a determination to eliminate evil from this world. He can be seen around the city of Raj Nagar(ofcourse fictional) with his star belt which he uses to navigate the city.
  3. 3


    The mad dog of Hindi comics, Doga is the most brutal and violent superhero of Raj comics world. Also famous for the bizarre names of his comic books, Doga is a ruthless fighter who can turn into a beast (metaphorically) when it comes to fighting crime. He resides in Mumbai and patrols the city through the underground gutter routes.
  4. 4


    A legendary winged warrior prince of a fictional fabled Parilok (fairyland). Bhokal descended to earth to take part in a fighting tournament and landed in Vikasnagar, becoming a zealous defender of the people of Vikasnagar. Often dubbed as the 'Thor' of Hindi comics world Bhokal possesses a sharp mind and sound physique. With his sword which can cut through almost every known material and element, Bhokal can also dodge any attack with the help of his unbreakable shield.
  5. 5


    Parmanu alias Inspector Vinay is from Delhi. His Costume provides several atomic-based powers, including atomic rays, teleportation, and shrink rays. He can fire atomic bolts from his chest. His wrist gadgets can fire atomic bolts as well and reel out the atomic rope. Parmanu gets help from his mentor Professor Verma as well as his friend Pralayanka.
  6. 6


    Shakti is Goddess Kali's incarnation. She has a flaming mad desire to get justice for women in this patriarchal world. The distress cries from any woman, anywhere in the world, turn her ordinary self of Chanda into a ferocious killer known as Shakti.
  7. 7


    With his equally powerful but relatively violent other self Kobi, Behriya lives in the jungle. As his name suggests he is blessed by the lord of the wolves. With natural wolf-like ruthlessness Bheriya roams around the jungle and saves it from the outsiders.
  8. 8


    Creator of the popular music album 'crow-sangeet'(crow music) Anthony was killed out of jealousy. But nature had other plans for him as he was resurrected and now he is undead and as long as his soul is out of his body, his corpse lies motionless. Anthony rises from his grave whenever an innocent soul is subjected to injustice.
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The wonderful world of Indian Comics

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