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The times of UltraNationalism

I always had doubts in my mind that, "Common Sense is not so common" and “we Indians are very emotional people”. And the recent trends in our country have surely proved them right.

But, there are some other facts, which are very unique have also come out recently.

One of them is, "Headlines make news, and the content does not". And yes, when you see that instead of researching and going in depth of the News, The people just focus on headlines. I mean, come on, the headlines are very deceptive. Go into the details of the NEWS before believing and sharing it with the world.

Another aspect is whatever shared on social media, is taken and believed to be true, again without any background check.

Also, this leads us to the point where we see the blind following of an ideology or a leader. Whatever is thrown at them, whatever they are told by the leaders is taken to be true without any questioning. And whoever questions becomes their enemy.

Again, this leads to my next observation: Getting high on Fake Nationalism

The Social Matter


You can be a tax evader, or a sports person with a match-fixing history, or a common man, who breaks the traffic rules daily, or someone who does not come in support of fellow citizens in case of an accident on road, etc.  

But all these points just diminish somehow when you bash Pakistan or apparently some particular "religion” or you say something in support of Army. 

Now, let me be clear, supporting your Army is a great thing. But blindly supporting it without questioning it does not make you a Nationalist but an ignorant. How? 

Consider this case, in 2015, some 100 Jawans of Army attacked a police station in Vijay Nagar, Indore. They not only vandalized the Police Station but also beat up the cops including lady officers. All this happened only because the previous night, 2 of the jawans had an altercation with the police in front of a bar. Now, was that right on the part of the Army soldiers to take the law into their hands and violently destroy the Police station or beat up the outnumbered cops or misbehave with the women officers? Is this why we are proud of our army? No, we are proud because of their valor in battlefields, because of their patriotism. But how can anyone justify the above incident?

Though this was one rare incident but we have to keep a check on such incidents, you don't know when they turn BIG.

Coming to the most recent events that took place in JNU in 2016 and it’s follow up in DU in 2017. Now, let me put forward some facts which surely will tell how the emotions of people are used to create a sense of false nationalism which political parties use to gain political mileage. And whatever follows is not what I feel or what I read somewhere. It is what the honorable Court pointed out in its findings during the case:

1. No evidence of Kanhaiya Kumar participating in the anti-India sloganeering was found.

2. Questions were raised that whether the act of anti-India sloganeering or Pakistan Zindabad was done by some outsiders wearing black masks.

3. 3 out of 7 videos were doctored and no video showed Kanhaiya Kumar raising any anti-India slogans.

Even the Delhi Police status report on the case does not say the students raised any anti-India slogans. Now, again let me clarify, any act which goes against the nation should be criticized and dealt according to the law. But something that did not happen, and when the court findings are present before us, why are we acting so negligent?

 The same is happening with Gurmehar Kaur. The girl never made any anti-India remarks. And actually, most of the people again high on fake nationalism have not even seen her full video. You can check out this YouTube link to find out what she actually meant was that she is against the war and how peace is the only option for a better world.

Gurmehar Kaur Soldier of peace

But she was ridiculed based on a single picture and this time some of the much respected artists and sportsperson came against her. Also, some "Nationalists" went on to greet her with rape threats. Wow, salute to your "Nationalism".

There are many such incidents, like the one involving Aamir Khan where he was criticised for what he did not even mean or say. Again, you need to watch that complete video which shows what he meant.

And all this happens because either we support a particular group and its idea of nationalism or we are very ignorant and lazy to go in the complete depth of the matter.

Don't take my word for it. Go and research all that is written here. Then have a say based on your "Common Sense" and not your political inclination.

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The times of UltraNationalism

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