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Survival is Insufficient

From the time immemorial we have braved grave situations, from wars to epidemics to severe economic depressions we have seen the worst and the best and yet we are here, alive; our lives have ventured in all the impossible uncharted territories. Flowers bloom from the ashes; just as the darkness relents with the first ray of dawn. But have we survived or have we outlasted things that were supposed to? It is a never ending argument. 

What would have happened if there were no hope, no art, no culture or not even a courageous soul who survived and brought us the glimpses from yesterday? The artists, who portrayed the things that were essentially banned, imagine a painter, who under religious or political threats cannot say what he feels. We would never have seen those beautiful frescos that adorn our walls. The mystery of Mona Lisa, the history beneath those words of banned books.

The voice of people would have drowned if it was not for paper, or for those beautiful ballads that were composed during the course of history alongside the folklores, the stories, the myths, and the truths. Imagine the travelers, who left their comfortable lives, to undertake voyages to discover the lands far away, despite knowing that they may never see their homes again. Boarding a ship, with a hope to discover a new land or to reach a destination, to mimic the migration of birds, to find the answers to endless questions that never left their minds. Didn’t they like a nice cup of tea with their families? But they dared to leave, to find things that clouded them. Think of the chemists who risked their lives and health to find the right proportion of medicine.


 Speaking of us humans, we have a higher intellect than other animals; we not only survive but also look out for new. We keep looking out and discover things that we have never known? Why? What if the early human beings wouldn’t have pressed those rocks harder, would there be any fire today? Why did they need fire? Why did we discover things that pulled us out of our monotonous life? Why did Newton think of gravity instead of munching that apple? So many why's.

This goes on to show us that simply surviving is never an option. We yearn for more, we look out for answers to the things that are unexplainable, it is because someone out there dares to dream. To dream the improbable, to draw the map of the never ending evolution, we thrive only when we dare to dream. To not only affect the lives of the contemporary people but also to mold the coming generations by laying a foundation on hope and hard work.

And people will wonder how it was possible to craft such a wonder because of today, at this moment for someone, survival is insufficient.

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Survival is Insufficient

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