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The stunted growth of the idiot box

Do you watch TV shows? If yes, then you know the fallen standards of the shows that are being aired on the Indian television. Be it reality shows or daily soap operas, sensibility has become a scarce phenomenon. Pardon my language, but we are being served s#*t by the TV show producers. The statement above goes for the sensible Indian class

Now, who are these sensitive class folks? Well, everyone who hates a melodramatic soap opera, a highly unrealistic reality show, totally misleading news items and artifice advertisements by celebrities. To our sorrow, this is all that one gets to see on the most popular TV channels.

With the increasing digitisation, TV penetration has increased in a whopping manner in the rural and semi-urban areas. More and more illiterates and partially literates have access to TV shows today and they are the ones who give a channel or a show, a loyal TRP base as the most of working class folks seek fun through other means like going out, watching movies, or watching international shows on the Netflix or Amazon prime.

Thus, the TV producers and the directors frame the show and chalk out the script of it keeping that audience in mind. I fail to understand that why they don’t find it a little bit odd that in the time span in which one grows from teens to middle age, the beloved bahus and their beloved patis of the soap opera barely develop one white streak in their hair.

The bahus of the daily soaps are one step ahead of Bappi Lahiri as in the TV shows; they wake up every morning with four tonnes of gold on them and three kilos of make-up on them. The shows try to make us believe that one bahu can solve family issues, societal problems and abolish at least one social evil, all in the time one takes to finish dinner. The trend of playing a Bollywood song is also on the rise these days. If the scriptwriters get over-worked, they put a romantic sequence with a wet sari and a new film song that will take half of the episode’s run time.

The news channels, especially the Hindi news channels show their news content in a soap-opera manner.  They create a hero, a villain and then show their cinematic catharsis. It was just yesterday when a leading private news channel was telecasting a show which focused around the bravery of our soldiers. They weren’t even aware of the fact that we lost 1962 war with China badly. All they said throughout the show was, “Humaare veer Cheeni sipahiyon ko dhool chata sakte hai” (our army men can beat the Chinese troops).  

The fact is that we are not in a state of war even with Pakistan. We are short of ammunition, and our defence budget is far less than that of China.

The TV is turning our nation into an assembly of fools. Instead of banning NDTV, the government should seriously think about banning channels which are constantly serving shit in the name of entertainment.

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The stunted growth of the idiot box

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