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Should I not be terrified of this “Bhagwa wave”?

I’m terrified, more terrified than shocked on BJP’s victory in Uttar Pradesh election. Although none can really predict the election outcomes precisely but nobody had really expected that BJP would be able to get 300 plus. For the first time in Uttar Pradesh’s history, BJP has managed to achieve this success. This victory is huge and its impact is not going to be any less. It’s great for the party but Is this good for the country?

Hindustan Times

U.P is one such state, infamous for communal divisions and casteism. This victory has given us reasons to introspect. What would be the impact of this wave of nationalism in U.P, which is the most populous and diverse state of India. In what direction the state will move, under the leadership of self-proclaimed Hindu-nationalists?

PM Modi talked about shamshaan and kabaristaan during the election campaign. Now, would he be able to do justice to other minority groups, backward castes? A Prime Minister who refuses to wear a skull cap but proudly wears a turban, now that he has so much power, can he control his fanatic followers? It is not just about Modi alone. 


A party whose leaders have been involved in the demolition of a masjid. A party whose coming to power means the imposition of ultra-nationalism, which brings with it the necessity to carry your nationalism on sleeves, which makes “Bhagwan” the color of patriotism. And to prove your devotion towards the country, you are supposed to chant clear and loud “Bharat Mata ki Jai”. 

A man is killed for eating beef though there is still confusion, whether it was beef or something else in that man’s kitchen. A truck driver mistakenly accused of killing three cows was burned to death. All this had to happen since RSS had declared in one of its publications that the price for cow slaughter was death. We are witnessing the same regressive nationalism which Pandit Nehru had warned off saying that majority communalism can easily masquerade as nationalism. I’m not against BJP or nationalism but I’m afraid of this extremism.

Why is this word nationalism trending since 2014?

Are we ready to bear the brunt of this Right-wing extremism?

When dissent becomes a crime when university campuses become ideological battlegrounds. Remind you, not a battle of thoughts or words but a battle fought with stones and bottles. When even the highest court decides to put nationalism in our hearts by forcing us to stand for the national anthem before all movie screenings, we know we are heading in the wrong direction. I’m not against BJP or nationalism but I’m afraid of this extremism where Imposition becomes the new normal. When the definition of nationalism is so narrow and destructive.Should I not be terrified?

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of TheRawStraw and TheRawStraw does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.

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Should I not be terrified of this “Bhagwa wave”?

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