Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Season 2 is here: Aren’t we all excited already

The cumulative Nostalgia of us Indians is going to go for a ride once the Sarabhais arrive at the scene again. After a humungous gap in the timeline, the creators of the show decided to bring it back as a Web Series on Hotstar. As Hotstar teased us with the show’s first trailer today, we can clearly see that our beloved TV family is at it again. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons to look forward to it and fill ourselves with all the feels already:

  1. 1

    The Charming and Bizarre poetic self of Rosesh is back

    Film Fashion Fame
    Tingling, Twinkling, non-sensical; these are some of the characteristics of Rosesh's Poetry. Moma's Boy Rosesh is back with his trademark poetry and we are all waiting to see Indravardhan picking on him.
  2. 2

    That smell, what's burning? Ah! Seems Monisha Bhabhi is busy bargaining with Sabjiwala again
    Monisha Bhabhi has more tricks up her sleeve this time than before. The greatest Saas-bahu Jodi of the Indian Television History(Like Literally) is back. The love that Maya and Monisha share is going to be boundless this time for sure.
  3. 3

    Are you ready to 'Unlearn' everything? Because Dushyant has surely accumulated some serious Gyan to unleash

    Just Imagine all the technical Advancements and Gadgets. And now Snap out to Dushyant standing infront of you. Nightmares, right? Well brace yourself this time he has an iPhone in his hand.
  4. 4

    With all the chills in the world Sahil is here again to play the bridge between Maya and Monisha.
    From Monisha's Burnt food to Indravardhan's sarcasm, Sahil has taken a lot. The junior Sarabhai deserves our love all over again.
  5. 5

    Don't we all need one Indravardhan in our lives?

    We all know that Big, cute and cuddly Indravardhan has a vicious sense of humor. Teasing Rosesh is his second most loved task of course after his love for food. And who can compare to the chemistry he shares with his beloved wife Maya.
  6. 6

    For Maya's love for class and the insults she throws around like a boss
    She exudes class, she is super sophisticated. Clearly, middle-class adjectives fall way too short when it comes to describing her. Maya is unlike others, the Indian television hasn't seen anyone like her. "But what's up with these exaggerations? It's all too damn middle class, isn't it?" The second season of this contemporary epic is here. Are you all aware and ready to feel all the nostalgia and gulp down all the sophisticated dose of humor?
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  1. Getting ready for a fun filled ride with comedy outraging the best laughter out of you. And comedy of the quality which can be enriched,shared and cherished for a long time. Kudos!

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Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Season 2 is here: Aren’t we all excited already

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