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Perils of the totalitarian mindset

So, Yogi Adityanath is now the Chief Minister of U.P. May the Mandir-Masjid and all other religious institutions be on his side and he manages to provide a good governance to U.P. He is a good choice or not, that would eventually be clear after we give him some time. But here, I want to discuss some other fact which was the outcome of the results or so I think. Just as soon as it was announced that Shri Aditynathji would be the new CM of U.P. I read and heard a slogan. A slogan which was very simple but very dangerous to its core. It was " U.P. mein rehna hai to Yogi Yogi kehna hai".

The Quint

Now, you could infer many meanings from this slogan. But the one which most closely conveys the feelings of the sloganeers was that if you want to live in Uttar Pradesh, you will have to go by the ways of Yogi Aditynath.  Now, people, I have a doubt.

What if I don't like his way. What if, what he does, it does not seem to be good for me or good to me. Do I need to migrate from U.P.? Although I still don't live there, but what if I was living. And what about those who are living but may not agree with Yogi being the C.M. or may not agree with some of his policies. But no, I can not oppose, because If I dare to oppose I would be asked to leave because that is what the Aditynath supporters wish.Or I would be beaten or ridiculed or trolled. 

One other disturbing fact is that many of my well educated or at least educated fellow citizens were sharing the same thoughts without understanding the dangerous implications of these type of thoughts. 

Janta Ka Reporter 2.0

And now here is the thing, this is how the basic rights of people are stolen. Today the establishment is of your choice, you are happy with whatever decisions they take, good or bad, democratic or undemocratic.

But tomorrow when the regime changes, you might have to be on the receiving end of such undemocratic decisions. 

This is not how the democracy functions. You can not just ask someone who opposes you to get away. Yes, I will support whatever good some politician does for the betterment of the society, regardless of his political inclination but I will also oppose him if I don't like what he does or if he does something which is not good for the society. This right of opposition is given to me by the Constitution. And you can not just take that away. And this opposition is crucial so that we are not ruled by an oligarchy.

"Political democracy cannot last unless there lies at the base of it social democracy. What does social democracy mean? It means a way of life which recognizes liberty, equality, and fraternity as the principles of life." -B. R. Ambedkar

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Perils of the totalitarian mindset

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