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Lipstick Under My Burkha packs a punch but misses out on the knock out

'Lipstick..' is a tale of our times; it is honest, tragic, brutal, sad and above all 'Lady oriented'.

'Lipstick..' is a tale of our times; it is honest, tragic, brutal, sad and above all 'Lady oriented'. 

The leading ladies of the tale are stuck in different situations but are bound by the same thirst for freedom. They are all fighting for every inch of space that they can conjure. Their struggles have different themes. Be it for the extra space out of Burkha or the career of choice or the unsatiated repressed bodily desires. Though they somewhat live in the same place, they come from different backgrounds. A student protesting for her right to wear jeans is as relevant as a woman trying to stand on her feet. 

Their dreams are different but those dreams speak the same language and that is of liberation. The stroke of Genius in the movie is the inclusion of an older lady quite deftly played by Ratna Pathak Shah. Her repressed sexual desires find the echo in the pages of a cheap romantic novel. And what happens next is bound to stretch the outer limits of your brain. If for nothing else, do watch this movie for Ratna, she deserves all the love and respect. 

The daily struggles of a woman's life often see the gravest moments in the confinement of her house. Konkona's story is downright sad and horrific. Her husband, brilliantly played by Sushant Singh, is a man of high capability for purporting physical and mental abuse. The reality of this story is something that haunts us at many levels. 

Alankrita Shrivastava is a brave filmmaker. Her characters and their stories sing our lives. The actors have done a great job. Ahana Kumra as a flamboyant small town firebrand girl impresses so does the burkha clad Plabita Borthakur. The situations of these ladies speak of a juncture which finds all of them together, celebrating uncertainty with a promise of freedom ahead. 

The story has some potholes in the plot but they are just momentary jerks along the way. The ending seems abrupt without a clear way ahead. And sometimes the script resorts to shortcuts to move the story ahead. But life is like that, sometimes aimless, sometimes hopeless. 

With all its short comings and brilliant moments, 'Lipstick...' comes out as an important commentary on the aspirations and the oppression women encounter in our society. 

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Lipstick Under My Burkha packs a punch but misses out on the knock out

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