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Jagga Jasoos Movie Review: A cold story served on a beautiful platter

Anurag Basu's sabbatical comes to an end with a musical this time.


Jagga Jasoos is a feast for the sore eyes. It is a colourful wonderland for the people who have been subjected to unimaginative main stream Hindi Cinema over the years. For a movie that went into production 5 years ago in 2012, it still feels refreshing and timeless. Anurag Basu brings a musical to the theatres this time. 

At 3 hours of runtime, the movie feels long and stretched. During this time the movie changes many forms and in the end comes out as a great big mess that is obviously out of the bounds of comprehension. Clearly, it needed heavy editing. But perhaps the editor got bored of Anurag Basu's lifelong project and moved on to something else.

Ranbir Kapoor is Jagga, a man-child who sings his way through life and likes to solves mysteries. And there are two clumsy but incredibly smart people, who come one by one in his life to teach him the nuances of life and love. 

Ranbir Kapoor's acting stands out but Saswat Chatterjee as 'Tooty Frooty', a middle aged man who fathers Jagga; steals the show. With his limited acting skills Saswat proves the power of a well-written character, a complete opposite of Anurag's typical characters.

From planes to boats to cars to bicycles to ostriches to a train carrying a Russian circus, it takes you across Africa to Europe to the streets of Manipur in an incoherent way. The vibrant colour pallet of the movie changes heavily and its transition can be noticed easily. 

Katrina Kaif proves to be a weak point in the acting spectrum as her skills as an actor are so limited that her mere presence irritates the audience. Her character is so badly written that the clumsiness that she shares with Tooty Frooty in the film spills into the movie and adds to its ongoing chaos. 

While Basu's style of filmmaking looks wonderful at the first glance, a closer look reveals a lot of problems. The movie is all about long sequences at beautiful locations. Without anything much to say the film looks like a 3-hour long piece of celluloid that doesn't say a coherent story. 

The lack of a proper script, poor editing and random songs make the movie experience less pleasing. The music doesn't impress much either. Though the movie is utterly forgettable, it can be regarded as an experiment, something out of the ordinary, something bold and beautiful. With a somewhat strong first half and a fizzling second one, the movie ends with a promise of a sequel. And are we looking forward to the sequel? We are not sure. 

P.S.  For a good musical movie one needs to convert prose into poetry, not just sing plain dialogues. We hope in the next part Mr Basu spends some money on writing rather than going all out after overly saturated visuals. 

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Jagga Jasoos Movie Review: A cold story served on a beautiful platter

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