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Mob Lynching- India’s new obsession

Hindustan Times

Just to make the context of this article more precise and straight- I am A Brahmin(yes, this is required, unfortunately), a fact to which I have not given any importance to let it get in way of my logical and rational thinking. I am not affiliated or inclined to any Political Party. But yes, I support any good deed or policy by any Political Party or movement. I am not a leftist or a rightist. I lean on centre(whatever it means to you).  I oppose every kind of violence, be it by ISIS, Boko Haram, an army of any nation, vigilantes or a violent Mob. I love my country India, its people and its Army, and I praise or criticise them as per the demand of the situation based on what is ethical or the best form of ethical.

Now, getting to the point. A very dangerous trend is on the rise in my beloved country. A trend which makes me wonder, are we really so uncivilised and full of hatred? Are we so gullible and mindless?  

Mob Lynching.  Yes, the new "rape" of India. Why the new "rape"? Because, as the rape has become too normal in our country to be addressed seriously, mob lynching too is now on the rise to be the new normal. No matter what the person is accused of, no one deserves to be killed in such a barbaric manner. 

A man is lynched in daylight in the middle of a crowded street. I won't name him. I won't say, who killed him. I won't say what was the reason he was killed for. But close your eyes and imagine, not you, but someone you deeply adore, being beaten up by a mob armed and unarmed, their body getting damaged, the ribs broken apart. The head smashed by a rod, and blood gushing out of it. The skull cracked. Thoughts of his family, his mother, father running through his brain in those last moments of his life. Ultimately,  he is lying down, in a pool of his own blood. Still breathing, but very slowly. All dreams about to die.  And soon, he dies, the most unfortunate death. Yes, now make a judgment: Is Mob Lynching, for any reason, is it justifiable? 

We take pride in we being Indians. Does this make you feel proud? And the number of such cases is not of any importance here, even a single case is enough to shake up your conscience. My India, in which I grew up, why has it become so intolerant? Why are we killing people just because of some absurd reasons? Why are we so angry and restless that we don't take the legal way anymore?

We are among the most diverse and beautiful cultures of the world. We have been a country which could be inhabited by anyone, regardless of their religion or political views? Why are we so hell-bound to make it like some oligarchy? The social fabric of our country is in danger, the very basics of non-violence and mutual respect which were the foundation of our country are in danger. With every such case, I die a little. These cases are now what represents us in the world. No, not the GDP growth rate or the number of smart cities, the statistics of how many were lynched by the mob is now the point of discussion.

At last, just ask yourself, Where do we come from? And where are we heading? 

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Mob Lynching- India’s new obsession

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