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Hey Moral Policers- How you doin..??

Have you ever kissed your girlfriend in public or on the road, if yes then you should know that you are responsible for the city being unsafe. This is what Moral Policer says. This can be described by some live examples that have happened recently in Mumbai and Kerala

The first instance highlights the premise that the police can make themselves more acceptable to the general public even while doing a thankless job. So when a Kerala boy who was dropping his girlfriend after the dinner was stopped by some Cops and was asked about what they were doing late at night and “Whether her parents know that she is out with you?” I mean who gave you the authority to ask any couple whether they are dating with their Parents’ approval or not. 

Another instance happened in Mumbai, where a 25-year-old boy was fined Rs.1200 by the police when they spotted him kissing his girlfriend on her cheeks while saying Bye. The youth was fined under section 110 of the Bombay Police Act, for 'indecent behavior in public'. The act doesn't define what 'indecent behavior in public' is, leaving the interpretation to the local constable as to what constitutes 'indecent.' After a yearlong battle the boy finally won the legal battle. But the question is why in public spaces, the longevity of our romantic gestures is heavily dependent on the whim of the self-righteous, often cranky, cops?? Why holding hands and hugging is inappropriate in public. 

The last instance which I would like to discuss happened in Lonavala, where a group of 45 law students, 25 male, and 20 women, were gathered up for reunion party bash. Some students had consumed liquor without the necessary permits and loud music was disturbing the neighborhood. If we see technically, the youth had contravened the prohibition law. But the question here is would the police have barged into private residences if the party was hosted by corporate giants or even middle-class householders? So why target some young people attempting to let their hair down?

We should thank these Moral Policers that though we are living thousands of miles away from Afghanistan, still we can experience how the Taliban Police functions.

To me, an ideal approach would be to hire men of honor, of competence and of integrity as police leaders and not on the basis of religion or caste or of patronage.

The entire gamut of police reforms rests mainly on one concept that the man at the top and those at senior levels must be people of integrity and competence. They should then be given an operational freedom to manage their own men and resources.

 For me, Moral policing is bad because it masquerades as the guardians of Indian Culture and Tradition.   These moral policers believe that everything “traditional” is sanctimonious and all western things are evil. I would go on to say that please be opinionated and make your own choices and then act wisely on that. Be your own Hero..!

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Hey Moral Policers- How you doin..??

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