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Fighting the social taboos the right way: Start-ups providing rooms to unmarried couples

Our country is getting noticed on the world stage increasingly nowadays. On one hand, we have reached Mars and launched 104 satellites into space in a single mission which happens to be the highest number ever in one shot; also politics is evolving fast and we are getting noticed by world leaders albeit with reservations. But on the other hand, we are surprisingly behind in some aspects of daily life which should be embedded in any progressing society. 

For instance, our society still disapproves of a girl and a boy living together without marriage. Forget about accepting it, the social order sees this natural process of attraction as an abomination and generally try to do everything in their power to stop it.  The society becomes judge, jury and executioner and takes it up on themselves to ‘teach’ the said couple a lesson, leading to various cases of violence incited in the name of ‘retaining traditional values’. The anti-Romeo squad in Uttar Pradesh or the self-proclaimed ‘vigilantes’ all create a sense of insecurity and suspicion among the masses.

The fear is fed not only by the radicals who lynch or humiliate but also by the sane and logical people. Recently, an inter-religious married couple did not get a room in a Bengaluru hotel because the receptionist did not know of ‘this kind of marriage’.  

The guy was a journalist and his wife was a research fellow. If two reasonable, self-reliant people are being treated with such a condescending and patronising attitude, in the tech-hub of the nation, then what can we expect in fringe areas of the country?

But thankfully changes are in the offing as new start-ups are trying to address the issue. They provide hotel rooms to the couples on the hourly basis. They are challenging society's conservative mindset by easing the youth into a comfortable space where people are not shunned or called names or seen a certain way the moment they try to fiddle with the rigid moral boundaries. These start-ups also aim to save money of the couples as well as save them from the unknown and shady choices, which often is the last resort they are left with. 

A hotel is supposed to provide a room and not their judgement, it is something that will give a rightful push to the archaic mindset Indian society is still clinging to with all its might. These kinds of initiatives are imperative for bringing fundamental changes in the thought process. The society can only be defied by such bold choices and not by meek attempts. 

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Fighting the social taboos the right way: Start-ups providing rooms to unmarried couples

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