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A closer look at Delhi’s South-West arm that is Munirka

Munirka stands in the midst of an entirely different population and demography that this urban area withholds. Surrounded by JNU, IIT, Vasant Vihar and RK Puram, Munirka is located in the South-West region of Delhi, considered to be the most class-eloquent area of the National Capital. Although of the four sub-divided portions, Munirka Village is a paradox to be closely considered. Munirka village is the most crowded area in South Delhi and home to many out stationed student and residents who work side jobs. It has the busiest of markets and crowded of streets and encapsulates every religion and ethnicity into its lap. 


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Dating back to the 15th century, people are quite used to Munirka now. The reason for Munirka to be in the news forefront lately was the massive explosion that rocked the locality on Friday. A local laundry shop was the victim of its own mechanism when a boiler in a room caught the heating temperature and took to fire which later engulfed into a firestorm due to the cylinders present there. Four of the cylinders set off and shook from under, the people of Munirka. 

The blast not only blew the laundry shop into bits but also destroyed the surrounding shop and broke a portion of the building on top of the laundry shop which came down to debris. The explosion was caught on the CCTV footage of another house which clearly depicts how, in a flash, the explosion disrupted the casual life of Munirka, and injured many with third-degree burns and injuries. Life as we are used to in Munirka stopped. It normal chaos turned into an actual chaos with all sorts of emergency services rushing in. No wonder the residents were in for a nightmare. There was confusion all over the place. 

Here, the only point arises is: Did we see this coming? We Can’t say no. One good glance at Munirka village and anyone can come to a very similar conclusion. The locale is comprised of small buildings placed close together for people to live on cheap rent. The roads are cluttered and they get smaller as you go in, maybe up to 2.5 meters. Illegal activities go on in some of the shady parts. It's home to many and a hub for some. A place that has turned into a Ghetto, Munirka is loosely stitched together as a place for residence. Buildings are clogged together, poor wiring that is like cobwebs hang out. The place is so overcrowded that if there were to be even as much as an evacuation drill, it would cause a stampede. Its crowd is bigger than that of Connaught Place. 

The whole point boils down to, what are we doing about the safety measures? Nothing. For landlords, as long as they earn money and for tenants, as long as they live cheap, nothing else matter. Munirka blast had nothing to do with its poor locality and systematics but it sure is a sign to address while we can, the problems that entail the area. 

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A closer look at Delhi’s South-West arm that is Munirka

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