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8 types of Game Of Thrones fans you might come across

Types of Game Of Thrones fans – The season 7 of Game of Thrones is upon us. The first episode is already making ripples through the countless timelines across continents. The Euphoria of GOT has not subsided one bit among the fans even after running for 6 seasons without any sign of winter, which is quite ironic in the first place. This season comes a bit late in comparison to the previous ones all due to the confusion that has erupted about the story line. The books have exhausted their limits, so now the show runs on its own genius. The writers are working hard to tame the wild beast they have reared for so long. The culture that GOT has brought upon the people all around the world is quite interesting as it resonates with everyone’s imagination no matter the nationality, a sign of universalism.

But coming to the fans, it’s like a world full of Happy hysterical people with their eyes wide in anticipation. Their favourite characters are back on the screen which makes them happy but given the show’s history of killing even the most stable and loved character make them hysterical and downright afraid. Fans are divided according to the houses in the show, some love Jon Snow, some drool over Khaleesi. While others wait for the white walkers to walk the lanes of Westeros others can’t wait to see what Cersei is planning to do next. But no matter what the fans are loyal as before. They make this whole experience of Game of Thrones more colourful if nothing else. The coming days are going to test the resolve of GOT fans worldwide as the numerous blogs are going to start plummeting the web space with content containing fan theories and conspiracy angles and what not. These are the turbulent times for GOT fans. We all love GOT but are we all the same when it comes to consuming the content. Not at all, so we list out the types of fans one sees around. Read on and tell to which category you belong. Also, feel free to tell us if you think there are other types as well.

  1. 1

    The Believers

    These are the most ardent followers of GOT. They believe religiously in everything that is put on their plates. Believers don't just watch GOT, they live it.
  2. 2

    The Great Debaters

    There is always going to be a friend who is ready to take on anyone when it comes to GOT. They can start anywhere, anytime with anyone. They just need to hear the three golden words to get triggered, i.e. 'GOT'.
  3. 3

    The One who is hard to please

    The people who belong to this group are always on the lookout for something to criticise. But the best part is, after all the bragging they watch it anyway.
  4. 4

    The Conspiracy Theorists

    They think they are the smartest people around and can see what others can't. But the trait they actually have is of being funny, but of course, they don't realise it.
  5. 5

    The Exaggerators

    The most irritating lot of all, these people just can't hold it in them. They need to show their emotions in the severest manner possible otherwise they'll bust their heads off in excitement.
  6. 6

    The Book Nazis

    These are the first people to break it to others how the show has trampled on the crisp yellowed pages of the book. They get hurt when something out of the books takes place and completely lose their shit when something from the book doesn't make to the show.
  7. 7

    The Radicals

    The politics of GOT bore these people to death. They want dragons, sword fights, nudity, and on top of everything a nice bloodied sequence with the Mountain or the Hound busting heads likes watermelons.
  8. 8

    The Meme Experts

    These people are the agents of GOT in any WhatsApp group. They think in terms of memes and have a GOT meme for every occasion. Generally, these people are the spoilsters as they quickly make memes out of the newest of episodes.

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8 types of Game Of Thrones fans you might come across

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