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7 ways in which Instagram is ruining your creativity and affecting your mental health

Instagram started as a virtual photo-album but the increasing number of users made its bosses rethink their strategy. (Mental health)  It quickly ascended to the top as a business platform for many. But alongside the professionals, there is a large number of addicts who just can’t carry through without a certain number of likes and can’t rest in peace without broadcasting their life on Instagram stories. There are many other ways in which one is getting affected by the dynamics of Instagram. Read on:

  1. 1

    The pop culture takes over your original expression

    Pop culture affects everything from taking a picture to adding a super cool caption. Our original ideas get replaced with what is considered as cool.
  2. 2

    Illusions you create about yourself

    No, a painting is not a piece of art. No, a photograph is not a mark of an able photographer. Stop calling your every other drawing, a piece of art. You're not an artist. Sorry, not sorry!!
  3. 3

    All that is pretty and predictable is anti-creativity because it doesn't take you deeper.

    Stop confusing the word 'beautiful' with 'art'. There is absolutely nothing artsy about your super closeup picture of a sunflower. Even if you are a creative individual, the constant feed of superficially pretty pictures without any meaning can stifle you beyond repair.
  4. 4

    'you like mine, I like yours', sounds more like a business deal than an artistic expression

    'Aww this person takes really good photos, you must follow him' or 'Please like my latest post' etc, these are just a few snippets of desperation multiplied with back-scratching. You recommend someone and that someone will recommend you and after a few weeks voila!! you have a back-scratching club.
  5. 5

    Number of likes define how creative you are

    50 likes and they like you, 100 likes and they are in love with you, 200 likes and you are a celebrity. You start confusing your ego satisfaction with your artistic expression.
  6. 6

    Quick feedback(largely positive) keeps you blind to your inner expressive self

    The dopamine rush that comes along every time you check the number of approvals i.e. likes and comments, makes you restless and bound to the feedbacks for eternity.
  7. 7

    And lastly, you broadcast stuff that doesn't matter to people who don't care

    Nobody gives a fleeing amount of f*ck about where you're partying on a weekend or what you're having for breakfast. Stop sharing your food pictures as if you are Rihana and people want to know what you eat. And for your sanity's sake stop broadcasting your day on Instagram stories, it doesn't matter at all.


#Mental Health

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7 ways in which Instagram is ruining your creativity and affecting your mental health

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