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6 signs that you have watched too much of f.r.i.e.n.d.s. and it has affected your mental health

There is this magical phenomenon to f.r.i.e.n.d.s. tv show that converts its consumers into ‘blind’ followers. People who watch too much of it, start quoting the dialogues and scenes from the show’s various seasons, but worst of it all they start acting like the characters of the show. It is so easy to empathise with the cast that it has cast a worrying shadow over the mental health of this generation. We list out some of the ways in which friends has affected the mental health of the people all around the globe.

  1. 1

    When you think Chandler is the funniest guy in the world

    No, he is not. Get over it. Chandler's vane sarcasm quickly becomes too predictable and unimaginative after a certain point. If you haven't watched good quality comedy shows and are not familiar with brilliant comic artists than you might as well start with 'Stephen Fry', whose gif you see here.
  2. 2

    When you start finding comfort in Joey's dumb way of life

    Joey Tribbiani was a selfish jackass who couldn't empathise with anyone except himself. Obsessing over food became the new black after Joey Tribbiani started showing his onscreen love for food. No wonder Joey's dumbness found echo all around the world because we all dream of a life that easy, with no responsibilities.
  3. 3

    You think Phoebe's needy behavior is something that is understandable

    Phoebe is the ghost character of f.r.i.e.n.d.s. She navigates through the show episode after episode with little to no attention. While everybody gets blinded by Joey's repeated 'How you doin' and never-ending tantrums thrown by Rachel, Phoebe gets left with quite little to do. Despite knowing the fact that Phoebe is a loner, her friends care very little about her. Her desperate attempts to stay relevent look needy and feel downright sad.
  4. 4

    If you think Monica is a tough nut

    Not sure about the 'tough' part but she surely is a nut. The most jealous and insecure character of the show, Monica is someone who needs constant attention and can not take someone to be smarter than her. She cries when exposed or faced with a tight situation. Some feel her to be a fighter but I say she is a bad loser who lacks integrity.
  5. 5

    When Ross becomes a guy you all love to make fun of

    The perennial punching bag for all the other characters, Ross Galler is apparently the most intelligent guy around. What happens to nerds and good guys? They get bullied or at least made fun of. The most sensible and honest character of the cast, Ross finds himself at the receiving end of ridicule almost all the time.
  6. 6

    And lastly, you start having commitment blues and your decision making starts getting affected

    No, the indecision is not cool. And yes the commitment phobias are the worst. You become a sloth who can not take important decisions of your life and think that Rachel used to have the same problems so it's okay to float in indecision.
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6 signs that you have watched too much of f.r.i.e.n.d.s. and it has affected your mental health

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