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10 Samuel L Jackson Performances movie buffs should know

Sorry Avengers fans, Captain Nick Fury is too busy to make an appearance in this list. You know about those secret Shield missions right. Well, meanwhile let us celebrate Hollywood’s bad motherfucker Samuel L Jackson on his 68th birthday – by remembering his most diverse and intense performances every movie buff should know about.

Having appeared in over 100 films including, Jurassic Park (1993), Die Hard with a vengeance (1995), The long kiss goodnight (1996) and snakes on a plane (2006); he is now a critically acclaimed actor as well as an established producer.

After the initial struggle and a few impactful side roles, his venture with Quentin Tarantino proved extremely fruitful; as he delivered his cult performances and established himself in the industry with his peculiar style of acting.

This list provides a glimpse to his multidimensional acting skills; so let’s find out his most diverse and challenging roles every movie enthusiast should be aware of.


  1. 1

    Pulp Fiction (1994)

    Jackson, playing the role of a hit man Jules Winnfield is out to retrieve a suitcase stolen from his employer. What follows is a series of bizarre but somehow connected events of crime and comedy with sudden twists and unexpected endings.
  2. 2

    A Time to Kill (1996)

    A black man accused of murdering two white boys. Jackson portrays the role of a father of a 10 year old girl raped by two racist white boys. Fearing that the boys will get bails eventually, he attacks them with rifle and kills them in broad daylight in front of everyone. A passionate lawyer and his assistant set out the task of proving his innocence.
  3. 3

    Jackie Brown (1997)

    Somewhat lesser known in comparison to other Tarantino films, the movie tells the story of a middle-aged stewardess Jackie brown who is caught in the conflict between the Arm dealer Ordell Robbie and the federal agents. Jackson plays the role of ruthless Ordell Robbie who can do anything from bribing to killing to keep himself away from the net of federal agents.
  4. 4

    Star Wars Episode 1,2,3(1999-)

    Undisputedly one of the biggest Hollywood franchise, star wars portrays the struggle of good against evil, the resistance of virtuous against dark forces. Jackson plays the role of one among many Jedi masters. Though, not a very critically acclaimed role, it gives a certain exciting dimension to Jackson’s career.
  5. 5

    Rules Of Engagement (2000)

    Colonel Terry Childers played by Jackson, is under trial for ordering his troops to fire on civilians after they stormed a US embassy. Faced with charges of murder, he now finds a reluctant fellow marine Hayes Hodges by his side as his attorney to save him.
  6. 6

    Shaft (2000)

    A one man show, a movie that not only revolves around Samuel but also provides him a space to establish himself in a lead role, makes it an essential Jackson movie. Playing the role of a New York City police detective he makes sure that son of a real estate tycoon is brought to justice after a racially-motivated murder.
  7. 7

    Unbreakable (2000)

    This extraordinary suspense thriller makes it to the list because of the brilliance of Jackson’s performance and the ingenuity of the script. Jackson plays the role of comic-book store owner Elijah Price whose bones are easily breakable. The movie takes some interesting and unexpected turns as he starts developing interest in a train crash survivor.
  8. 8

    Coach Carter (2005)

    A champion athlete, a successful sporting goods store owner Ken Carter, takes the job of basketball coach in his old high school. Dismayed by the resolve of the players and the dismal performances, he sets his course towards good results by introducing discipline and strict exercise regimen.
  9. 9

    Django Unchained (2012)

    A bounty hunter, who buys the freedom of a slave with the intent to make him his deputy, finds himself in the estate of a ruthless plantation owner for securing his slave turned deputy’s wife. Samuel L. Jackson plays the role of a senior house slave who is clever and wicked. His wickedness earns him a higher place in the hierarchy of slaves and closeness to his master. This champion performance by Jackson adds a really interesting dimension to the movie and to his career.
  10. 10

    The Hateful Eight(2015)

    Major Marquis Warren played by Samuel L. Jackson, a bounty hunter finds himself in the middle of dead Wyoming winter with a blizzard on the horizon. He hitchhikes with another bounty hunter John Ruth and finally finds shelter in a cabin full of mysterious characters. How an experienced Major Marquis navigates his way through all the sensitive situations and shadow conversations makes it a must watch Samuel L. Jackson performance.

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10 Samuel L Jackson Performances movie buffs should know

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