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Aam Aadmi Party and the perils of looking at the world through a one-way mirror

India Today

Aam Aadmi Party is like that dilapidated inter-village commute that saunters through a bumpy muddy road with people hanging all over it. With every bump, some nuts and bolts come out and get lost in all the dirt around. Somebody frantically points out that there is something wrong with it but all that commuters hear are hollow complaints and conspiracies to stop the waggon.

Arvind Kejriwal is the driver of this waggon who unfortunately doesn't seem to have any knowledge of the path ahead. The people around him advise him or rather give him directions. But right now it seems it's headed to a black hole; a place where you simply cease to exist.

When you think of the politics of Aam Aadmi Party, only two things come to mind: Dharna & fallouts(or as the Sivagami Devi says in Bahubali 2, Antaryudhh). This never-ending Antaryudhh has made AAP the sinkhole of all the laughter and disgust. On every odd day, somebody resigns or leaves the party. And during the days in-between Arvind Kejriwal comes out throwing all kinds of allegations at other parties without any proof. The speculative mind of Arvind Kejriwal is like a rock that can't be moved. His conjecture based politics falls short of people's expectations when it comes to bringing any change. 

The problem lies in the way AAP perceives the threats around and the ways of bringing changes. Without banking on something ample, something visionary, Aam Aadmi Party can only fool themselves around. 

The recent fallout with party's old horse Kapil Mishra only projects what has been brewing inside all along. There is no stopping Kapil Mishra now, he is using Arvind Kejriwal's own politics against him(that too quite ably). Now, the whole world is watching this circus of unfortunate events or more like allegations. 

Press-conferences, Dharnas, Hunger-strikes, slap-guys, shoe-hurling guys, ink-throwers and emotional netizens; it's all happening. Every other opinion page and the editorial piece is filled with how AAP is nearing its end faster than ever. The media is writing off Arvind Kejriwal and his politics. 

The writing is on the wall for Arvind and people near him but it seems the dirt around is making it increasingly difficult for them to look. Till then, let's see how far this waggon lumps on and what shape does it acquire in the near future. 

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Aam Aadmi Party and the perils of looking at the world through a one-way mirror

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